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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT: Josephine Matela, GBDC Vice President
June 17, 2013

Greater Brockport Development Corporation Launches New Website

(BROCKPORT, N.Y.; June 17, 2013) - The Greater Brockport Development Corporation (GBDC) today launched a new website that will help market Greater Brockport's strengths, such as its strategic location and low cost of doing business, while providing site selection consultants and business location decision-makers with the information they seek when considering places for companies to locate and expand. The website is

“Today's announcement follows months of work on the part of the GBDC Board of Directors that involved researching what site selectors seek on an economic development website, then building a site that gives them what they need to make informed business-location decisions,” said GBDC Vice President Josephine Matela. “We feel Brockport has a lot to offer companies, especially in specific industry sectors, and the GBDC's new website helps make that case by providing the data to back up our claims.”

“To determine Greater Brockport's strengths, the Board examined a variety of industry, employment, income, labor, demographic and education data,” Matela said. “We determined that our biggest advantages in terms of manufacturing and non-retail service sector companies that would consider this region are in the Food Processing/Manufacturing and Transportation/ Warehousing industry sectors. Given Greater Brockport's proximity to Northeast U.S. and Southern Canadian markets and abundance of low-cost real estate, we also feel that the area is ideally suited to accommodate a distribution center facility.”

The website includes extensive data on occupations and industries in Brockport, as well wage, income, economic, demographic and housing information. It includes a "Map Center," where users can access maps of Greater Brockport, zoning maps for Brockport and the towns of Sweden and Clarkson, and a map of The College at Brockport campus. Other sections of the website address the quality of education and healthcare; describe highway, rail and air transportation services available in the region; and list the various government incentives available to companies locating in Greater Brockport. One section focuses on why businesses should consider the region, while another describes the area's quality of life. It also includes an events calendar and links to other government and business development resources.

Another feature found on the GBDC website is a link to the site/building database maintained by Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE). The database will enable those considering Greater Brockport to search for sites and/or buildings that meet their specific criteria.

In addition to providing extensive information sought by site selectors, the website also helps the GBDC remain in compliance with New York state Pubic Authorities Law regulations, which are administered by the state's Authorities Budget Office. This includes the posting of information such as the GBDC's mission statement; list of board members and schedule of board meetings; list of committees, committee members and schedule of committee meetings; By-laws; Code of Ethics, various financial reports; and a description of the GBDC's operations, completed and active projects, as well as any material changes in its operations and programs.

The Greater Brockport Development Corporation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit local development corporation that was formed in 2002 to undertake community development initiatives; market Greater Brockport; and respond to the needs of those considering it for business location, expansion or retention projects. The GBDC Board of Directors is comprised of up to nine volunteers, each of whom is dedicated to supporting initiatives that stimulate economic activity or enhance the quality of life in Greater Brockport. The GBDC Board of Directors meets at 5 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at the Seymour Library, 161 East Ave., in Brockport.

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