60 Clinton Street Rehabilitation Project

In 2008, the Greater Brockport Development Corp. (GBDC) secured a grant through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The funding was earmarked for the purchase, remediation and restoration of the historic Whiteside, Barnett & Co. Agricultural Works Building located at 60 Clinton Street in Brockport. The 9,600 sq. ft. building, which was constructed in 1850 and is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, is situated on a 0.335-acre parcel along the historic Erie Canal and was once used to manufacture various farm implements. The property is zoned General Business, which allows for both commercial and mixed-use redevelopment.

The GBDC recognized that rehabilitated, the Agricultural Works Building could support a wide range of adaptive reuses and become a vital cornerstone to Clinton Street's future vitality. Prior to the GBDC's purchase, the structure had suffered from neglect. Today, the GBDC has invested nearly $60,000 to renovate the building to the point of sale to a developer whose plans may include mixed-use (commercial/residential), cafe, shops or a museum. Work that has already been completed includes environmental remediation, site grading, roof replacement, rebuilding and repointing of masonry walls, and other general repairs.

The surrounding vincinity of Clinton Street has been identified as a priority revitaliztion project to transform the street into a thriving place for residents and visitors. The Village of Brockport commissioned a Master Plan for the Clinton Street Rehabilitation, which was completed in 2010 and is slowly becoming a reality. Although other buildings on Clinton Street need varying degrees of rehabilitation, 60 Clinton Street is the most prominent and historic building within the study area. The GBDC's investment to restore the structure for increased safety, integrity and future reuse is seen as a key component to small business revitalization in the Clinton Street area.

For more information about the Agricultural Works Building, contact GBDC Vice President Josephine Matela at jmatela@growbrockport.org.