Greater Brockport Community Data

Workforce, Industry & Employment Data

Demographic Data

Income Data

Salary & Wage Data

Here you'll find 2010 U.S. Census data on Brockport's employment status, industry, occupations, class of worker, and income and benefits. Here's where you can access data taken from the 2010 U.S. Census on Brockport's population and gender, age and race distribution. Here you will find economic data from 2000 & 2009 when the population of Brockport was 8,103 and 8,338 respectively. This is where you'll find hourly and annual salary and wage information for Brockport workers in each of the various occupation categories.
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State and Local Taxes

Utility Service Information

Housing Data

Commercial Real Estate Information

As one of two things guaranteed in life, there's no avoiding paying taxes. But what taxes will you pay in Greater Brockport and what are the current rates? You'll find that information here. Throughout the Greater Rochester region utility companies offer a variety of rate programs to their customers. Some offer negotiated rates to existing businesses. Housing data found here includes occupancy rates, home values, Selected Monthly Owner Costs, average monthly rents, home heating fuel useage and more. Get the latest data on Greater Rochester's commercial real estate rates and on its industrial, flex, office and retail markets.
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