Workforce Training & Development

For most companies to remain competitive, they require a highly skilled and well trained workforce. Fortunately, a number of organizations exist locally that offer programs to upgrade worker skills or provide customized training. Others can assist with recruitment and placement or provide financial incentives based on the nature of a company's training project. Below you'll find further information about training service providers in the region along with incentives currently available to employers that can cover a portion of their training costs.


RochesterWorks!, Monroe County's largest employment and training initiative, is dedicated to helping develop a strong local workforce. RochesterWorks! assists businesses with recruitment, assessment, placement and training, and connects them to all federally funded employment and training programs in Monroe County. Businesses using RochesterWorks! will be linked through a single point of contact to qualified job seekers and workforce training and skill upgrade services.

Monroe Community College

MCC's Office of Workforce Development is committed to providing businesses and individuals with quality training and educational opportunities. Whether you're updating your skills or require custom training for your business, MCC may be able to help.

Rochester Business Alliance

The Rochester Business Alliance, the largest Chamber of Commerce in the Greater Rochester region, provides a variety of training services in a range of skills. Programs offered span topics that impact performance, productivity and efficiency. Whether it's a simple, single session seminar or an in-depth symposium, the RBA can deliver effective learning on a variety of subjects and custom training programs tailored to your company's specific needs.

New York State Department of Labor

The New York State Department of Labor received $6.4 million in federal funds to offer businesses training support under the On-The-Job/National Emergency Grant (OJT/NEG) program. This program encourages the hiring of long-term unemployed dislocated workers and helps offset the cost of training.

The program pairs businesses with the workers you need. These new employees will require training -- which only your business can provide -- to do the new job. The program covers 50-90 percent of training-related expenses.

The OJT/NEG program covers the hiring of people who:

Have enrolled in the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Dislocated Worker Program

Have a dislocation date of January 1, 2008 or later

Have had a skills assessment through JobZone/ O*Net

The OJT/NEG program is for:

Businesses located in New York State

Full-time work (35 hours or more per week)

Hires that are employees of the business -- not independent contractors or contract employees

Businesses in good standing

Empire State Development

Empire State Development (ESD), New York State's primary economic development organization, can fund job training costs of companies expanding in the state. Eligible companies include manufacturers and non-retail service providers that are making investments in facilities and in their employees. Any such assistance would be part of an incentive package assembled by ESD.

Costs for undertaking customized training, such as for instructors/consultants, materials used in training and wages paid to new hires, are examples of eligible expenses that could be reimbursed by ESD. The size of any training grant would be commensurate with the measured economic development benefits of the project (for example, the amount of jobs created/retained, the compensation of the jobs in question, and the amount of other investments in the project such as construction and machinery and equipment purchases).

Further details can be obtained by contacting ESD's Finger Lakes Regional Office at 585.399.7050 or via email at