Greater Brockport Transportation / Warehousing

Transportation and Warehousing is the leading growth industry sector in Greater Brockport. The Transportation and Warehousing sector includes industries providing transportation of passengers and cargo, warehousing and storage for goods, scenic and sightseeing transportation, and support activities related to modes of transportation. Establishments in these industries use transportation equipment or transportation-related facilities as a productive asset.

The Transportation and Warehousing sector distinguishes three basic types of activities: subsectors for each mode of transportation, a subsector for establishments providing support activities for transportation, and a subsector for warehousing and storage. Greater Brockport's greatest strength is in the Warehousing and Storage subsection (although its location, proximity to Interstates, and abundance of prime, low-cost real estate lends itself to supporting a distribution center, or possibly a food processing plant, especially when you factor in the availability of locally grown produce).

As the table below shows, nearly 11% of Greater Brockport workers are employed in Production, transportation, and material moving occupations, and the category represents one of the area's most significant providers of non-retail jobs.

Greater Brockport - Occupations (2010 U.S. Census)
Subject Estimate Percent
Civilian employed population 16 years and over 9,764 100%
Management, business, science, and arts occupations 3,473 35.6%
Sales and office occupations 2,579 26.4%
Service occupations 1,943 19.9%
Production, transportation, and material moving occupations 1,057 10.8%
Natural resources, construction, and maintenance occupations 712 7.3%

Brockport's location makes it ideal for companies that need to distribute their products to markets in the Northeast United States and Southern Ontario, Canada. That's because one-third of the U.S. and Canadian population is within 500 miles of Brockport. Furthermore, Brockport is conveniently located just a short distance from Exit 47 of Interstate 90 (the New York State Thruway), one of the country's major east- west travel routes, as well as Interstate 390, connecting travelers with New York's Southern Tier Region and Interstate 86.

One company that benefits from Brockport's prime location is Allied Frozen Storage Inc., a third-party warehousing and logistics company that was formed in Brockport in 1983 (see sidebar). Food and Drink Quarterly magazine recently called Allied "one of the hottest companies in upstate New York" and "a dominant player in the cold-storage industry."