Greater Brockport Utilities Information

Electricity Deregulation in New York
New Yorkers have had the opportunity to shop for their electricity provider since the late 1990s. The New York State Public Service Commission started by ‘unbundling’ one's energy bill – separating charges for delivering energy to a business (or home) from charges for the energy itself. It’s in the energy, or commodity, charges that you can choose an alternate provider. Alternate electric providers, known as Energy Service Companies, or ESCOs, in New York, compete for your business in most utility areas, including Greater Brockport.

National Grid (Electric Service)
National Grid is the primary supplier of electric service to Brockport-area businesses (and homes). If you're considering locating or expanding your business in Greater Brockport, National Grid provides a number of incentive programs that are designed to offset a portion of your project or energy costs, including:

Electric Pricing Discounts (SC-12)

Capital Investment Incentive

Industrial Building Redevelopment

Brownfield Redevelopment

Three Phase Power Incentive

Renewable Energy and Economic Development

For more information on these and other National Grid economic development programs, click HERE.

For the latest information on National Grid's electric service rates, click HERE

Choosing An Alternate Electricity Provider
The New York State Public Service Commission's Power To Choose website includes a directory that contains contact information on ESCOs that provide alternative sources of electricity for Greater Brockport customers. Using the website's tools you can:

Locate offers based on Brockport's zip code (14420)

Compare offers of interest

Print/save ESCO contact information

To access the PSC's Power To Choose website, click HERE.

Rochester Gas & Electric (Gas Service)
Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) is the primary supplier of gas service to Brockport-area businesses (and homes). To help make Greater Brockport an even more attractive place to do business, RG&E offers incentives in the form of rate discounts and funding assistance that encourage business retention and expansion.

The following are among the various economic development programs offered by RG&E:

Capital Investment Incentive Program

Utility Infrastructure Investment Program

Brownfield/Building Redevelopment Program

Business Energy Efficiency Assistance Program

Economic Development Outreach Program

For more information on these and other RG&E economic development programs, click HERE.

For the latest information on RG&E's gas service rates, click HERE

Time Warner Cable Business Class (Cable/Internet/Telephone)
Time Warner Cable Business Class, a division of Time Warner Cable, offers a full complement of business communications tools to small-and medium-sized businesses and enterprise-sized companies. Its phone, Internet, Ethernet, cable TV and security solutions are enhanced by award-winning customer service and local support teams.

Frontier Communications (Cable/Internet/Telephone)
Frontier Communications Corporation offers broadband, voice, satellite video, wireless Internet data access, data security solutions, bundled offerings and specialized bundles for small businesses, offices, medium and large businesses, and residential customers in the Greater Rochester region.

Contact information for Greater Brockport utility service providers:

New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA)
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority is a public benefit corporation whose aim is to help New York meet its energy goals: reducing energy consumption, promoting the use of renewable energy sources, and protecting the environment. For example, among the programs NYSERDA oversees is the New York Energy $mart program, which helps to maintain momentum for the State’s efforts to develop competitive markets for energy efficiency; demand management; outreach and education services; research, development, and demonstration; low-income services; and to provide direct economic and environmental benefits to New Yorkers. Meanwhile, the agency's Existing Facilities Program offers incentives for a variety of energy projects including Pre-Qualified Measures and Performance-Based Incentives.

For more information on NYSERDA and its financial assistance programs for business, click HERE.

Brockport Water
The Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) services Monroe County and portions of each of the five surrounding counties. Monroe County covers approximately 660 square miles, including 19 towns (including the towns of Sweden and Clarkson), 10 villages (including the Village of Brockport) and the City of Rochester. The MCWA presently serves approximately 192,000 separate retail, wholesale and other customer accounts. It also provides the City of Rochester with up to 40 million gallons per day (mgd) for distribution within its retail service area.

The charge for all water consumption (per 1000 gallons):

Service Class Cost (per 1,000 gallons)
(1) Residential Class (includes all residential, small commercial and community service establishments in Monroe County)
(2) Non-Residential Class (includes large commercial, industrial, municipal and all other direct retail customers in Monroe County)
(a) First 125,000 gallons
(b) Each additional 1,000 gallons

Base Connection Charge (The charge for each connection is dependent upon meter size):

Meter Size Charges Per Day
Up to 3/4" $0.18
1" $0.20
1 1/2" $0.23
2" $0.50
3" $2.15
4" $2.15
6" $4.20
8" $4.20
10" $6.50

For more information regarding the Monroe County Water Authority's current rates, click HERE.