Why Brockport!


Brockport is a village in Monroe County in the western portion of New York State about 18 miles west of Rochester and 40 miles east of Buffalo. It's located in the Rochester, NY Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, which is an area consisting of five counties in Western New York, anchored by the city of Rochester. As of the 2010 census, the MSA had a population of 1,054,323. Brockport is in the Town of Sweden, with two tiny portions in the Town of Clarkson. Its population was 8,336 as of the 2010 Census.

Brockport is situated within 500 miles of one-third of the U.S. and Canadian population. This includes major cities such as New York City, Hartford, Boston, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, Cinncinati, Columbus, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washinton, and Richmond. Brockport offers companies easy access to the U.S. Interstate system with the New York State Thruway (I-90) just 14 miles away and Interstate 390 under 15 miles. Brockport's strategic location makes it particularly well suited to companies that serve the Northeast and Midwest, enabling them to reduce the cost and the time needed to get products to markets.


Experience the luxury of bigger city amenities at a small town cost. That's what Brockport provides. The March 2012 Cost of Living Index for Greater Brockport is 104, which is slightly higher than the national average but significantly lower (17.1%) than the New York State average.

Meanwhile, Rochester, 16 miles to the east, tops the list of most affordable large U.S. metro areas.
Rochester 1
Sioux City, Iowa 2
Pittsburgh 3
Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa 4
Lafayette, Ind. 5
Ann Arbor, Mich. 6
Logan, Utah 7
Lincoln, Neb. 8
Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas 9
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Ark. 10
Source: Greater Rochester Enterprise; MSN Real Estate and Sperling's Best Places (2013)

And, when it comes to home prices, the Greater Rochester region ranks 51st in the nation for affordability.

U.S. Greater Rochester
Median Housing Sale Price $183,900 $122,900
Median Family Income $61,455 $64,453
Homes affordable for median income 73.8% 87.3%
Source: Greater Rochester Enterprise; National Association of Realtors, Q2 2012; U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey; and NAHB Housing Opportunity Index, Q2 2012

You'll also find that the area's labor costs are lower. According to the New York State Department of Labor, the average hourly wages paid by private-sector employers in Monroe County is nearly 5% less than the national average and more than 22% lower than the New York State average. Since Monroe County figures include City of Rochester higher-wage employees, Brockport's average hourly wages are likely more in line with the Finger Lakes region, which is more than 10% below the national average and nearly 28% less than the New York State average hourly wage paid by private-sector employers.

Location Ave. Hourly Earnings
United States $22.28
New York State $27.28
Finger Lakes Region $19.87
Monroe County $21.20
Source: NYS Dept. of Labor (Q2 2012)

Educated and Available Workforce

An educated and available workforce are perhaps the most important considerations for a company when it comes to selecting a new location for its business. Brockport stands above the crowd on both counts. For example, the percent of Brockport residents age 25 and over with post-secondary degrees exceeds the New York by nearly 10 percent:

Rich, Fertile Land and an Abundance of Fresh Water

The region offers a host of resources for agri-businesses and food processing companies. The combination of rich, fertile land with access to 7% of the world's fresh water provides for an incredible supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and wine. Furthermore, the Finger Lakes is the largest milk producing region in New York, the fourth largest milk producing state in the U.S. These abundant resources are among the reasons Bonduelle North America chose to invest in Brockport.

The College at Brockport, State University of New York

An emphasis on education, plus an unusually strong higher education sector (The College at Brockport, State University of New York is located here), provides area businesses a number of advantages. Total enrollment at the college is 8,413, including 7,166 undergraduates, 90% of whom are full-time students. Popular majors include Accounting, Business Administration, Communication Studies and Nursing. Each year, more than 2,000 students graduate from the college, providing Brockport businesses immediate access to a highly educated, technically sophisticated and reliable workforce.

The College at Brockport is a valuable resource to businesses locating in Greater Brockport in many other ways. It's home to the Rochester area's Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which delivers high-quality business counseling and training to New Yorkers who want to start a business or improve the performance of an existing business. Among other things, the Brockport SBDC helps businesses:

understand the importance of a business plan

discover sources of funding

prepare for e-commerce

identify avenues for exporting goods & services

develop marketing plans

assess an invention's viability

comply with licensing & regulations

The College at Brockport’s Center for Continuing Professional Education offers post-master’s certificate programs and professional development workshops that can advance one's career or provide the professional continuing education that your business may require. Programs are offered at the college's downtown Rochester MetroCenter, the main campus in Brockport or can be delivered at your site. The College at Brockport works with businesses, school districts, government agencies and non-profit organizations to develop customized, innovative programs tailored specifically to their needs.

The college's world-class faculty often partner with local businesses and organizations, both on a consultative level and through providing real-world solutions through classroom research projects.

Meanwhile, the College at Brockport's Office of Career Services is always looking to expand its base of businesses in which it can provide credit-bearing internship or co-op opportunities for its students.

Regional Assets

Greater Rochester as a whole is home to a diverse set of businesses that have capitalized on our region's industry expertise in fields such as optics and imaging, fuel cell and alternative energy, advanced manufacturing, printing and publishing, and agribusiness / food manufacturing.

Local companies have access to fully integrated supply chain assets, including precision manufacturing, engineering and packaging support. In addition, there are world-class research and development resources available at Rochester Institute of Technology and Cornell University, including Cornell's Agriculture and Food Technology Park, which provides a campus for R&D in the areas of food and agriculture.

Brockport: Built on Innovation

The Village of Brockport is a quaint Victorian community that developed as a port on the Erie Canal. The village actually has a significant history in innovation and manufacturing. The invention and manufacture of reaping machines had its beginning in Brockport in the 1840s when Cyrus McCormick was induced by the area's outstanding wheat crops and superior transportation to come here. Working with a foundary in the village, full-scale production of his reaper began in Brockport in 1846.

The village recently remodeled a portion of the canal providing a bricked walkway, new canal visitor's center and several works of art, making Brockport a favorite stop for boaters traversing the 363-mile waterway. The village boasts the Morgan Manning House, an old Victorian home on Main Street that is open for tours. A short distance to the north is Lake Ontario, one of the world's Great Lakes, and the beautiful beaches at Hamlin Beach State Park. Venture a little further away and you'll be in the heart of the region's Finger Lakes, 11 glacier-carved lakes that sit amidst the more than 100 wineries that produce the region's award-winning vinos.

There's never a shortage of things to do in and around Brockport, whether it's attending one of the village's numerous festivals; watching the Brockport State "Golden Eagles" in action; or hiking, biking or walking the Erie Canal towpath. But if the lure of professional sports, Broadway-quality theater, and world-class museums beckons, you'll find that and much more in Rochester, 18 miles away.

The Brockport Advantage!

Companies can take advantage of Brockport's strategic location, exceptional local talent, and seemingly endless recreation and entertainment options all while enjoying low labor, land and real estate costs. These factors combine to make Brockport an exceptional business location!